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Exceptional skincare should never be a secret. Here, you can find the latest advice on the skin you’re living in.

Birthday Blog: Founder Interview

It’s a super exciting time over at Masktini HQ - it’s our birthday! While we’re busy celebrating four years of Masktini, we’re also bringing you a very special interview with our founder, Olga Parno, about her experience starting Masktini, her favorite products and all the exciting things coming up!

Stop wasting your time and money on skincare routines

The best way to care for your body is not to hop on a trend. It is to take your time testing a skincare routine and creating a lifestyle that best supports it.

The true cost of waking up like 'dis

Before you wonder whether this is a post about Beyoncé or her latest Adidas collection, it’s not.

How to start caring for your skin for the first time

Remember, when it comes to skincare routines, there are no right answers. There are only the right skincare products and habits for you.

Are you bored with your old skincare routine yet?

From skinimalism to other top beauty trends of 2021, learning how to upgrade your skincare routine can be fun. Unless you are new to this, then it all seems so overwhelming!

People are in love with this new skincare trend

If you guessed that skinimalism is a minimal approach to skincare, you are almost spot on.

Do you lead a lifestyle that promotes healthy skin?

Despite the different skin types, there are essential, common things that each needs. Today, we will unpack that.

It's time to debunk the myths about drinking water

To be clear, water hydrates. That means, when we drink more water, our skin is more hydrated.

What are the 5 most popular skincare questions?

And the simple answers that your skincare routine needs I can talk about skincare every day. Heck, I can even write a book! The thing about skincare is that it is ever-evolving. We may not use your mom’s skincare tips and tricks, although they may work still. Each time you blink, a new skincare brand and trend emerges. When that happens, we scramble to Kim Kardashian’s Instagram stories to find...

It would be really helpful if you put on your mask

 Despite the benefits posed by our face mask, you must know that not all face masks are the same. 

The One Myth About Vitamin C & Why It's Good For Your Skin

Vitamin C is more likely to be better for your skin than it is for your immune system!