It’s a super exciting time over at Masktini HQ - it’s our birthday! While we’re busy celebrating four years of Masktini, we’re also bringing you a very special interview with our founder, Olga Parno, about her experience starting Masktini, her favorite products and all the exciting things coming up!

How are you feeling about Masktini turning 4?

“I can’t believe Masktini is turning 4 already! It’s been a rollercoaster of a ride so far but I’m so proud of how far the brand has come, and more importantly, I’m super excited for what’s coming next! I want to take a moment to thank everyone who’s been along for the journey so far; my team who work tirelessly behind the scenes, bringing the products and the brand to life, and to all the customers and supporters of Masktini who’ve been there since day one, I love hearing about how our products have transformed your skin!”

Why did you start Masktini?

“Starting Masktini was a very personal experience for me. Forming the idea was easy - after speaking to my girlfriends, I realized that, while we might not all have the same skin concerns, we all struggled with our skin and how it made us feel. Masktini is all about simplifying the skincare experience; taking the complexity out of it and transforming it into a ritual you can indulge in. I firmly believe that the secret to unveiling your best skin yet isn’t how many products you use or how complicated your routine is - it’s about high-quality ingredients that are clinically proven to work so you can feel confident in your skin. Starting Masktini was as simple as creating based on my own lived experiences - and I’m so happy that so many people relate to our cause and have allowed our brand to grow as fast as it has!”

Growing a brand is exciting! What’s your experience been like?

“Honestly - nothing like I thought it would be! I thought it would be easy to quickly scale up to ten products, which for me, is the ideal range to cover all skin concerns without being too complicated, but still having options available for all skin types. However, the process of testing products and ingredients and getting feedback every step of the way - whether it’s from friends, customers or retail partners - has evolved Masktini into nothing like I imagined but in the best way possible. We can truly say that we’ve been shaped by our community and all the obstacles we’ve faced along the way have only pushed us to create better products and skincare solutions.”

What’s coming next for Masktini?

“We’ve got so many exciting things coming up for Masktini! We recently expanded into the face and eye cream category, which was a big moment for us and I’m so happy with how well the products have been received. We’re looking forward to launching our body cream and boosters so you can extend the Masktini experience and achieve even better results. We’re also in the process of launching in more retailers so you can expect to see Masktini in even more locations, in-store and online, both in and out of the US. The sky truly is the limit for us!”

And lastly - what’s your favorite Masktini product?

“They’re all my babies - it’s so hard just to pick one! If I had to choose one - my current favorite is definitely Hush Money Intensive Restorative Crème. I’m turning 41 soon and I want to age gracefully. I don’t want to mask or hide my age, but instead invest in my skin so it can look the best it possibly can. Hush Money is a fantastic facial moisturizer, packed full of peptides and multi-vitamin complexes to visibly lift and smooth my skin. I’m proud to say at 40 my skin is the best it’s ever been and I rock it with confidence - I wish twenty-something year old me could see me now!”

We’re so proud of how far Masktini has come, from the simple idea of wanting to help people feel more confident in their skin, to a line of powerhouse products featured in Vogue, Oprah, Women’s Health (or most recently, featured as one of Skincare Anarchy’s Top Skincare Picks!).

One final thank you from all of us at Masktini HQ for being along for the ride and stay tuned for what’s coming next - until next time!