People are in love with this new skincare trend

Why you need to do less with your skincare routine

After a few minutes of scrolling through Instagram, you may see the hashtag #minimalism. This hashtag applies to many things! From a style of dress to interior design, or even a skincare routine. Wait a minute, what do minimalism and a skincare routine have in common? According to the beauty world, everything in 2021! Back in December, PopSugar said that it would be the biggest beauty trend of 2021. Since PopSugar gives us a rush, we decided to investigate it ourselves! 

What is skinimalism?

If you guessed that skinimalism is a minimal approach to skincare, you are almost spot on. This mash-up of “skin” and “minimalism” calls for you to do the most with the least amount of skincare products. If you take weekly trips to Sephora or Ulta, skinimalism asks that you stop doing that. Because let’s be real, skin products do not deplete that soon and you are overspending! Skinimalism calls for you to invest in multi-use skincare products. It’s that minimal. 

Why should you consider skinimalism?

Not to be deep or cliche, but simplicity is the joy (and spice) of life! Take a moment to reflect on the last time you felt true joy. Did you feel it at the expense of overextending yourself and doing the absolute most? Or did you experience it when you least expected while doing something oh-so-simple? It’s the latter and you know it! If that is not good enough to consider skinimalism, here are a few more practical reasons:

  • It will save you time: yes, the 12-step Korean skincare routine is a major key for anyone who loves skincare as much as I. But, you can have great skin in fewer steps and with fewer skincare products. 
  • You will save money: beauty is pain. And that pain is oftentimes felt in your bank account. After the whirlwind year that we had in 2020, don’t you think your bank account deserves to recuperate? Use that extra money to buy four Masktini gentle skincare products - the entire line (for now) - instead of 10 at your favorite beauty store. 
  • Patience: the most important part of your skincare routine is patience! Some of us are lucky to have that perfect, normal skin type. While many others suffer from skin conditions that range from acne to rosacea, dry skin, and so much more! When you use fewer skincare products, you give yourself room to learn how your skin behaves. Plus, it is always better when your skin is not bogged down with skincare products. 

Now that you know the basics of skinimalism, what’s next?

Well, there is a method to this simple madness, of course. According to Respekt, skinimalism focuses on three core areas as part of your adjusted skincare routine. They are refresh, focus, and protect.

  1. During the refresh stage, use a cleanser and exfoliator (combined) that contain alpha-hydroxy acids and beta-hydroxy acids. This combination will cleanse your skin of impurities and remove dead skin cells.
  2. In the focus stage, use a skincare product that addresses the exact issue that you have with your skin. So it is less of a step and more of a good piece of advice that will save you time, stress, and money.
  3. For the final stage - protect - you should know what to expect. Hydrate your skin and wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen! Whether you are a skinimalist or a 12-step Korean skincare routine kinda hottie, this last stage will always be important. 

So, there you have it! Everything that you need to know about the beauty trend that everyone is talking about this year. If you think less of it as a trend and more like a lifestyle that can benefit you in other areas, adapting skinimalism will be slight work! In the meantime, follow us on Instagram and tag us in your #skinimalist flat lays. If they don’t contain Masktini’s Twilight Zone Tahitian Detox Mask, which is a multi-use skincare product if we never knew another, save it! Until next time.