Are you bored with your old skincare routine yet?

You need to start (over) with a skincare routine that works

From skinimalism to other top beauty trends of 2021, learning how to upgrade your skincare routine can be fun. Unless you are new to this, then it all seems so overwhelming! Skinimalism sounds an awful lot like Skintimate, the shaving cream, right? That explains why you are stuck in the self-checkout at Target right now. All the other beauty trends can seem useless if you don’t understand your skin type or skin issues. If you are still getting into the groove of the New Year, join the team - mine started on February 1, 2021. That means there is still time to try new things, and by new things, I mean new skincare products or routines. Without further ado, here are: 

7 skincare tips for beginners that you need to try

1. Take it slow

We’re just ordinary people and we don’t know which way to go. Gosh, is John Legend like a prophet or what? All jokes aside, all good things in life take time and are worth the wait. A newborn baby? He or she is worth the ten months of how did I get here? A marriage with the love of your life? It's worth the time you took to get to know your spouse although loved ones pressured you to get married. And skin care, it's 1000% worth the wait because few overnight solutions work when you don't spend hundreds of dollars anyway. 

2. Don’t try everything at once

Walking into Sephora, Ulta, or any other beauty supply store tempts you to buy everything at once. This is why I always recommend that you avoid going anywhere near their physical stores! Do some research or visit an esthetician or dermatologist to assess your skin issues. If you have minimal skin issues, there is a high chance that you have a normal skin type that does not need much. The skinimalist skincare routine may suit your skin best. But, if you have skin issues, find out which ingredients or products that they recommend. Then, invest in those products only. Avoid popular skincare products because your fave beauty influencer promoted them in an ad. There's a high chance they got paid to persuade you and that the product won't help your skin. 

3. Stay consistent

Rome wasn’t built in a day. You know this, babe. Apart from time, everything good in this life requires consistency. Your skincare routine isn’t any different. I can write an entire article about why an inconsistent skincare routine is the root of your skin’s issues, but let's keep it cute.

4. Draw a line between your day and nighttime skincare routines

This is important to know! Why? Some of the active ingredients found in nighttime skincare products do not agree with excess sun exposure. Vitamin A or retinol is one of the most effective skincare ingredients to use as part of your nighttime skincare routine. Most dermatologists recommend it as you hit your late 20s and beyond. There are many uses for it but the key one is that it speeds up cell turnover to reveal new, clear, glowing skin. Retinol increases photosensitivity. Meaning, your skin becomes more sensitive and prone to skin irritation while using it under the sun. Stick to retinol-based skincare at night and for heaven’s sake, please wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen always! 

5. Wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen, please

Would you believe me if I said that a broad-spectrum sunscreen can solve at least 40% of your skin’s issues? Well, it depends on the condition of your skin. Your skin tone determines how much melanin you have and, so, how much time that you can spend in the sun. People with lighter skin tones can be in the sun for up to 15 minutes. While people with darker complexions can be in the sun for up to 30 minutes. 

I know that people spend way more time than that in the sun no matter their complexions. This is why dermatologists recommend that you wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least an SPF 30. Even if you are inside. Not only does sunscreen protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays, but it can prevent the following: 

  • Hyperpigmentation: this is the darkening of healed acne and wounds. If you spend a lot of time in the sun, these spots will darken, especially if you have a darker complexion. By wearing sunscreen, you can prevent these spots from becoming too dark to fade. 
  • Fine lines and wrinkles: although we need vitamin D, excess sun exposure damages your skin and may cause skin cancer! One of the side effects of increased sun exposure is premature aging. Excessive sunbathing results in skin that is dry and patchy, leathery to the touch, and filled with fine lines that make you look at least 10 years older than you are. 

6. Give your skin some TLC at least every other week

If you can afford it, try to visit an esthetician 1-2 times per month for a maintenance facial. The type of facial you get depends on your skin type and condition. A maintenance facial usually includes: 

  • Cleansing
  • Face steaming to draw out impurities
  • Extractions of different forms of acne 
  • Exfoliation (with toner or face scrub with micro-beads) 
  • A face mask 
  • Hydration

Facials help to reset your skin and give your skincare products the boost that they need to keep going. If you cannot afford to visit an esthetician 1-2 times per month, there is nothing wrong with DIY facials. Most estheticians will discourage you from doing extractions yourself. But, everything else is doable with skincare products that you have at home. So, pop open a bottle of champagne, turn on some good music, and give yourself the love that you give everyone else!

7. Find a skincare brand that agrees with your skin

This one can be tricky! There are so many things that can be loud, strong, and wrong about your skin. Then there are even more skincare brands on the market that are the same. When getting into skincare for the first time, you need to be gentle with yourself and your skin. This is why we recommend that you consider a gentle skincare brand such as Masktini. With only four skin care products, Masktini will take you from day-to-night in the gentlest way possible. The products are ideal for any skin type and help to keep your skin clean, clear, and radiant no matter what! 

So, there you have it - New Year, new skincare goals, and new opportunities to try things you never did before. If you are new to skincare, we are excited to have you here and happy to help. Follow us on Instagram to keep up with the latest skincare trends, tips, and more. Then leave a comment below with any questions or concerns that you may have. We’d love to hear from you! Until next time.