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Skincare or otherwise; how would we survive without our mom’s advice?

Mother’s Day, a day honoring mothers and mother figures and celebrating their love, sacrifice and influence in our lives. It’s a day to reflect on the lessons our moms have taught us, including the importance of self care and looking after ourselves. From birth, mothers nurture us, feed us and look after us, both emotionally and physically, and as we get older, teach us how to ensure our own health...

International Women’s Day: Celebrating community and the power of coming together

International Women’s Day has come around again, and we want to celebrate one of the greatest strengths of women: the power to build community. Communities created by women, for women, give us the space to lift each other up and support each other and are truly a testament to the resilience, strength and solidarity that defines the female experience. Last year was the year of Barbie, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift’s...

Valentine’s is out, Galentine’s is in

In a world focused on romantic relationships and love stories, Galentine’s Day has emerged as a refreshing celebration of the feminine bond. Whilst some might argue it’s another faux holiday created by the greeting card industry, we truly believe it gives some long-overdue recognition to the transformative power of female friendships.

Practicing self-kindness during the holiday season

The holiday season often brings about feelings of joy, warmth and togetherness. It’s a time to fill our lives with twinkling lights, cozy gatherings with friends and family and festive holiday parties. However, amidst the festive cheer, it’s important to realize that not everyone finds themselves wrapped in the same sense of merriment. For many, this time of year can amplify feelings of loneliness, stress and even sadness.  In the...

Back to School Skincare for College Students

As summer draws to a close, the excitement of a new college year begins to take over. Maybe your nearest and dearest are returning back for a new school year, or maybe they’re flying the nest for the first time. Either way - it’s okay to admit you miss them (and maybe shed a tear - it’s natural!).  What better way to let them know you’re thinking of them, and...

Birthday Blog: Founder Interview

It’s a super exciting time over at Masktini HQ - it’s our birthday! While we’re busy celebrating four years of Masktini, we’re also bringing you a very special interview with our founder, Olga Parno, about her experience starting Masktini, her favorite products and all the exciting things coming up!

The wrinkle-busting ingredients you need to know about

Stop premature aging in its tracks and get the lowdown on the best anti-aging skincare ingredients to help you maintain that elusive youthful glow!

Skincare Layering for Spring

The warmer weather is finally here and we couldn’t be happier! We’re all about uncovering our spring wardrobe and swapping out our thicker clothes for lighter layers but what about overhauling our skincare for spring? We’re here with our ride-or-die tips on how to achieve a dewy spring look by focusing on your skincare first so you can glow from the inside out! Layering in the AM We’re always after...

Spring has sprung and it’s time to get your glow on!

Glow-getters, this one’s for you! Spring is officially here (finally!) and we’re just about ready to ditch our dull, winter skin and let our natural radiance shine through. In honor of National Vitamin C Day, we’re here to tell you why incorporating Vitamin C into your skincare rituals could be the secret to your glowiest skin yet! What is Vitamin C? Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which helps to...

Skincare rituals could be the best kept stress-busting secret

International Women’s Day has been and gone. A day to celebrate the incredible achievements and progress of women all over the globe. And we’re smashing it. But amidst the chaos of life, how often do we stop to prioritize and celebrate ourselves for the less-than-perfect moments? The small wins, the days we just keep going and the days we can barely make it from our bed to the couch. Especially...

The weather is weird. Time to adjust your fall skincare routine.

For even the most perfect skin, this kind of weather puts your skin through the motions and throws a monkey wrench into your fall skincare routine.