{ skin • i •mal • ism } noun

The idea that skincare should be simple, easy and uncomplicated without sacrificing results.

Self-Care Simplified

Let’s take the complexity out of your complexion. When it comes to skincare, less is everything. The less you have to put on your skin to radiate in this world the better. Our products go to work to purify pores, brighten and tone, restore and reveal your most audacious skin.

Craft your signature skincare cocktail. One thing is certain—you are beyond compare. What works for your skin, doesn’t work for the he/she/they next door. Our products are formulated to shuffle and layer based on the mood your skin is in. Customize. Captivate. Repeat.

 Skin is allowed the occasional temper-tantrum. Afterall, it’s the face of every feeling. That’s why our smart formulations are designed with more active ingredients that have less concentration to soothe, fade, blur and restore without irritation. Keep calm and dare on. 

We get one shot to get it right on this planet, which is why we produce our products with the grand dame, Mother Earth, in mind. From responsibly sourced ingredients to eco-friendly FSC rated packaging, we’re taking bold steps to do the right thing, which isn’t always the easy thing.


Smarten up your skincare ritual with formulas that feature genius ingredients for proven results.


No matter how you identify, we’re for you. We see your fearlessness and applaud your feist.


We’re superintendents of this planet, which means sustainability is one of our main ingredients.


Animals are for adoring, not testing. Rest assured that our products are always cruelty-free.

Meet our founder

As a successful Wall Street executive, I thought my biggest concerns should be how to break through glass ceilings, not my constant skin issues. I had breakouts, sensitivity, redness, bumps, all making me self-conscious instead of self-confident. That “moment” came when I was having martinis with my friends, and we were talking about how our skin stresses us out. 

Masktini products use high concentrations of clinically-proven actives, plus they feel and smell great. I developed a signature scent using natural fruit oils that benefit the skin and help protect the formulation. I will continue to grow the Masktini line with products that truly transform skin health so you can be fearless in the skin you’re in. Because Fearless is the new Flawless!

- ❤️ Olga

Find your fearless