How you can spend less and look as luxe as Beyoncé

Another day, another reminder that your skin glows, but it’s not quite Beyoncé’s. These are awful times for us mere mortals, let me tell you! Although the writing is on the wall, many people believe that a triple A-list celebrity like Beyoncé woke up like ‘dis. They believe that she does not struggle with the same skin conditions as everyone else. As someone who obsesses over skincare, that makes me sad. Why? If you dive down the skincare rabbit hole, you know that great skin boils down to these three things: 

  • Genetics (this one is major)
  • Diet (you are what you eat, beloved) 
  • How much moolah and time you invest in creating and maintaining the most immaculate mug

There's a high chance that Beyoncé’s esthetician and dermatologist are on exclusive retainers. They may even live in the dungeon of her Bel-Air mansion. If neither of these crossed your mind, you may not understand skincare well enough. That is why you need to check out this beginner’s guide that we put together for you! I don’t need to see the Ivy Park creator’s bank statements to know that she invests dough into her skincare routine. It’s not only the Beyond Beef vegan diet and lifestyle that keeps her skin immaculate, but that's also for sure. Before you wonder whether this is a post about Beyoncé or her latest Adidas collection, it’s not. Although, that may not be such a bad idea, anyway. It’s about getting that luxe-looking skin without breaking the bank. Or asking them to extend credit that you may not be able to return right away. So, keep reading - you’ll luxe it!

Unlike skinimalism, luxe skincare isn’t anything new

There are many luxe skincare brands that create top-of-the-line skincare products that work! A few examples of said brands are La Mer, Sisley Paris, and Estée Lauder. These brands boast potency of ingredients, consistent results, and a feeling of prestige. Using luxe skincare products will make you want to brag about how much you spend on your skin! Yet, these luxe brands use the same ingredients as so many other affordable brands on the market. They certainly use some of the active ingredients found in any of Masktini’s products. 

To source the best products for your day to nighttime skin care routines, you need to know what your skin needs. After all, that is what skinimalism is! If you want that luxe look but don’t have La Mer money, keep reading to find out how you can put together a luxe skincare routine for less!

1. Focus on the skincare ingredients

As mentioned, most skin care brands use the same ingredients. That’s because the composition of skin is universal. All human beings need the same nutrients to keep their skin healthy and hydrated. The differences in skin boil down to skin tone and  . Your skin cell production of melanin determines your skin tone and the latter is a matter of PH balance. If you have  , you may need to focus on skincare products that contain moisturizing agents. We discussed the different types of moisturizing agents here. Hyaluronic acid is the most common skincare ingredient that adds and restores hydration. With dry skin, you struggle to maintain moisture, although your skin produces it (i.e. oil). So, any skincare product, whether luxe or low-end, can moisturize and soothe your skin if it contains hyaluronic acid! This is the case for other low-end and luxe skincare products that contain similar ingredients.

2. Doing less can make a difference

I will be the first to admit that I do too much with my skin sometimes! If I forget that I get hormonal acne around the same time each month, I become a medical esthetician overnight. 0 stars, by the way! One of the top beauty trends of 2021 is skinimalism. This trend calls for us to use fewer skincare products as we focus on specific skin issues. There are many multi-purpose skincare products on the market and skinimalism wants us to consider using those first.

An example of a multi-purpose skincare product that works for all skin types would be Masktini’s Twilight Zone Detox Mask. This foaming face mask functions as a cleanser, which makes it an excellent makeup remover. Yet, it is also a skin exfoliant that goes deep into your pores to remove impurities left behind from a day of traversing this ghetto sphere that we call Earth. It contains activated charcoal powder that exfoliates your skin and botanical citruses that brighten and moisturize your skin. Talk about a bang for your buck!

3. Stay consistent with your skincare routine

Although it may seem like I am running out of good advice, the truth is that your skin loves consistency! And that’s the best advice that anyone can ever give you; not only for skincare! The next time you buy a skincare product, read the label found on the backside of most product containers. Towards the left or right bottom of that section, you will see a container icon with either 3M, 6M, 9M, or 12M. These are the manufacturer's recommendations for continued use at the greatest effectiveness. Does that mean that using a product after it expired could ruin your skin? I cannot answer this because I am neither a medical esthetician nor a dermatologist. But, it is important to note.

As with most foreign agents, your skin learns, adapts, and builds up a resistance to them. This can mean that using the same skincare product for months on end may not be the brightest idea. If you want a luxe skincare routine for less, strike a balance between cost-effective skin care products and how often you use them. Capiche? 

Luxury skincare is a real thing but feeling luxurious is all a state of mind.

When you do things that improve your self-image, it makes you feel richer beyond your wildest dreams. Sure, splurge on skincare products if you must, but don’t be afraid to do less with more! Your bank accounts will thank you in this economic environment. Until next time!