Skin Guide

Exceptional skincare should never be a secret. Here, you can find the latest advice on the skin you’re living in.

Sensitive skin can still be in - but you need to protect it first

Many things cause volatile reactions with sensitive skin including harsh outdoor conditions.

How to know if natural skincare products are worth it

For starters, natural is not synonymous with better If you never lived in a city like Los Angeles, then you will not understand the obsession with all things green. Take food as an example. In other major cities across America, there are at least two McDonald’s in every neighborhood. Whereas in LA, it is the opposite! You have to Google the nearest McDonald’s restaurant, and the drive will not be...

What more do you need to know about face masks?

The face mask that you use depends on what skin issues you want to address.

The simple but ugly truth about why you have rough, dry skin

Dry skin is not specific to your age, skin tone, or environment. Anyone can have dry, rough skin. 

It would be really helpful if you put on your mask

 Despite the benefits posed by our face mask, you must know that not all face masks are the same. 

Sorry, a true glamour girl hates a last-minute invitation

Beauty is pain; good things take time. No one should judge how much time it takes a woman to get dressed.

This tropical fruit is the secret to healthy skin

Nutritionists will tell you to “eat your colors,” and well, we say to “treat your skin to colors” too.

Everything that you need to know about activated bamboo charcoal

Charcoal skincare has been a thing for quite some time now and with good reason.

This natural ingredient is like magic for your skin

Now, before you slice open a lemon and rub it on to your face, hold your horses, and keep reading.

What can be more irritating than first-time use of retinol?

If you have sensitive skin, any product can potentially irritate it; not just retinol. However, if you use retinol, your risk of skin irritation increases tenfold!

Salt. Good for margaritas. Excellent for skincare.

It turns out that salt is an anti-inflammatory that helps with combating bacteria that cause ingrown hairs and outbreaks related to acne.