How to know if natural skincare products are worth it

For starters, natural is not synonymous with better

If you never lived in a city like Los Angeles, then you will not understand the obsession with all things green. Take food as an example. In other major cities across America, there are at least two McDonald’s in every neighborhood. Whereas in LA, it is the opposite! You have to Google the nearest McDonald’s restaurant, and the drive will not be up the street. 

Farm-to-table and vegan restaurants replace major fast-food chains. I spent my first four months eating impossible burgers for lunch before I found out it was not meat! By the way, do not get me started on juice bars. Yes, people in Los Angeles are serious about their health (read: image), and I do not blame them. 

Angelenos love staying healthy! This does not apply to food only, it spills over to their choices in skincare products. You might say it is the natural order of things. If you ask me where to find the best natural skin care products, the answer is simple: Los Angeles. 

If you think that natural is the way to go, then it will not be difficult to find natural skin care products.

Not every natural skincare product will work for you, though. If you doubt me, not believe me, and have sensitive skin, use 100% raw African Black Soap from Ghana. Report your experiences in a week. Spoiler alert: the natural ingredients of this soap exfoliate your skin. Sometimes, it eats away your skin. I am a witness. The more sensitive your skin is, the greater your risk of redness, dryness, and skin irritation. Do you get the point? 

Do your research before you invest in natural skincare products. Further, you must know how those specific ingredients will work for your skin’s issues. Why? No one has time or money to waste on skincare products that do not work. If you have clear, even-toned skin, a vitamin C skin care product will not yield visible results. Vitamin C is best for treating hyper-pigmentation, dark spots, and uneven skin tone. If you do not have these issues, what results will you expect? 

Before you get lost in Amazon’s natural skincare product labyrinth, consider these: 

3 things you need to know before choosing natural skincare products

1. Understand how your skin type responds to natural skincare ingredients

As mentioned, natural does not mean most effective. Do your research and find out the uses for certain natural skincare ingredients. Someone with a normal skin type may benefit most from natural skincare products. They tend to have the least skin issues to address if any at all. If you have combination skin, then you may want to experiment a bit more depending on your skin's issue. People with dry, oily, and sensitive skin should always exercise caution. That said, do not throw caution to the wind because a product is natural. 

2. Seek advice from your medical esthetician or dermatologist

We live in a world where knowledge is at your fingertips, and everyone is a subject matter expert. Heck, I never spent a day studying medicine, but you cannot tell me that I am not a skincare expert! Many people on social media tout natural or holistic care beyond skincare. I am not saying that their claims are unfounded, but consider the source of information. Remember that for many people, organic or going natural is a lifestyle. So, a woman who washes her face with organic carrot soap may say that it is her secret to great skin. Whereas the reality is that she has excellent genes. She may even be vegan or some other anomaly that you would never be able to account for during research. Did I mention that people lie on the Internet?

3. It may take more time to see results

I do not know who decided that medical-grade skincare products were necessary. But, I want to thank heavens for them! I stopped using over-the-counter skin care products when my skin issues worsened. Medical-grade skincare products yielded the long-term results that I wanted. Despite their powerful ingredients, medical-grade skincare products still take time to work. If medically-enhanced products take time, how much longer for natural skincare products? Although fewer chemicals are best, medical-grade skincare treatments can be necessary. When it comes to a drastic skincare issue like an acne flare-up, a chemical peel may be best. Why apply apple cider vinegar to your face because someone on the Internet told you to do it?

The good news is that Masktini is the best of both worlds. Their skincare products contain a combination of natural skincare and medical-grade ingredients. This combination is gentle for sensitive skin, yet powerful enough for stubborn skin issues. That said, do what works for you. There is not one specific type of natural skin care product that works best for everyone. Your skincare routine should be all about what your skin needs. It is that simple. What are your thoughts? Will you scramble to invest in natural skincare products? I would love to hear from you in the comment section below!