Sensitive skin can still be in - but you need to protect it first

From the outdoors and all of its free radicals

Is it me, or are people extra sensitive these days? The offense is at an unprecedented level, and volatility seems to be the real new normal. Not to invalidate your feelings but thank goodness that a lot of us do not wear our offense on our skin! Imagine if you got a pimple every time you took offense to something or someone that had nothing to do with you? Would your skin be “clean, clear, and under control” or would it look more like the craters of the moon? I shudder to think about how mine would look. Although I say that it is difficult to offend me, I spend a lot of time avoiding things and people who can get a rise out of me. World peace, duh. 

If you have not guessed already, we are here to talk about skincare. To be more specific: how to manage sensitive skin! Being a sensitive person and having sensitive skin are almost synonymous. As a sensitive person, you never know what is going to irritate your sensitive skin. You have to be extra careful when addressing it, or you will run the risk of a breakout from hell. That breakout will bring mental anguish until it goes away. For the record, being a sensitive person or having sensitive skin are not bad things. They are what they are (read: it is what it is). So if you gleaned all that from two paragraphs, you could be triggered. 

Many things cause volatile reactions with sensitive skin including harsh outdoor conditions.

Whether it is dry and frigid or blistering and balmy, skin irritation can happen. Although the World paused for most of 2020, weather conditions remain unchanged. This is why you need to take the proper precautions. That means if you live in a place that sees winter, you might be in for your most brutal winter yet! To keep you ready for whatever the weather or great (germy) outdoors may bring, keep reading for:

4 ways to protect sensitive skin during harsh outdoor conditions 

1. Wear sunscreen always and especially during winter, too 

Here is the worst-kept secret in skincare history - sunscreen. This magical skincare elixir of sorts protects your skin from the sun's harsh UV rays. Wearing sunscreen can be beneficial for people who are at a high for skin cancer. Sunscreen inhibits the darkening of spots that we call hyper-pigmentation. For people with darker complexions, this is critical because so many of us struggle with it! 

During winter, you may want to skip sunscreen because the sun is not as brilliant as it is during warmer months. However, resist that temptation! Just because clouds tend to cover the sun during the winter months does not mean that they can block out UV rays. Stay on the safe side and protect your sensitive skin this winter. 

2. Keep your sensitive skin hydrated 

I know that you know this already, but it is worth repeating - please drink water and moisturize your sensitive skin! During the cooler months, you are most likely to take warm or scalding hot showers. I am not judging you - I take hot showers year-round. However, I am here to let you know that over time, faucet water dries out your skin! Whether you will have an actual winter, or you live in LA, you know that dry skin does not work for either climate. Whenever my skin feels too tight or dry, I mix Gold Bond’s Eczema Relief body lotion with my face products. It provides a layer of moisture that leaves my skin feeling supple and smooth, but not greasy. 

3. Remember that less is more 

When it comes to sensitive skin, the fewer skincare products you use, the better. As you use skincare products, you must ensure that there are a few ingredients as possible. Use products that are mild, fragrance-free, oil-free, and everything else free. What may work fine while you are inside may cause skin irritation in extreme conditions. So stay on the safe side and protect your sensitive skin by doing the absolute least. 

4. Take shelter wherever you can 

Nobody likes to walk around in the cold unless they were born in the Midwest. In which case, that person is a part polar bear. Whether you have normal or sensitive skin, the outdoors comes with free radicals. These toxins seek to destroy your skin and kill you from the outside in. From pollution to pollen, being outside can be difficult for many people. Limit your outdoor time to avoid hypothermia, cold blisters, dry patches, and more! If you are one of many people who will travel to Mexico this winter, refer to the first three tips. The Heat of the tropics is not your friend either. Trust me. 

All in all, cleansed and hydrated skin is a sure win whether it is normal or sensitive. Find a skincare routine that works for your sensitive skin. Add new skincare products to the regimen. Too many products can irritate sensitive skin. Use skincare products with mild ingredients such as Masktini’s Night Ranger Overnight Renewal Mask or Woke Bae Whenever Moisture Spritz. The first option is an excellent addition to your nighttime skincare routine. It contains papaya enzymes that calm redness and inflammation that are typical with sensitive skin. The second option contains hyaluronic acid. This helps to lock in the hydration that your sensitive skin will always need! 

What are some steps that you take to protect your sensitive skin while outdoors? I would love to hear from you in the comment section below! Until next time.