Dolphin skin will take your Summer glow straight through Fall

Try this beauty trend that will make you glisten like Flipper

Across the U.S., weather patterns are shifting, leaves are falling, and women are curating their finest wardrobe picks of mustard, olive green, burgundy, and navy blue looks for the next several months ahead. Yes, Fall is here, and if you are not excited about this, I have enough excitement for both of us! 

Fall is a time when your skin goes through the motions. In most places, the air is not as humid anymore; instead, it is dry and harsh. Cooler weather often leads to skin that is itchy, chapped, and cracked. If you follow skincare trends, then you know that skinimalism was all the rage last year. The right skinimalist skincare routine will enable a smooth transition from the balminess of Summer to the dryness of Fall. Unlike many others who will struggle to maintain a youthful glow characteristic of a Summer well spent, your skin will glisten straight through next Summer. Why? Because like skinimalism, you mastered another exciting beauty trend - dolphin skin. 

If you’re wondering wtf is dolphin skin, keep reading to learn more about this not-so-new-but-new beauty trend that is all the Instagram rage!

Dolphin skin is to glass skin

Last year, at the height of Summer lockdowns, makeup artists, Instagram baddies, and the like began to play with the idea of dolphin skin. Glass skin is makeup-free skin that is clear, smooth, and dewy. Dolphin skin is the same as glass skin, but with makeup. Any professional makeup artist will tell you that smooth, clear skin is the base of any flawless, filter-free makeup finish. You cannot achieve a makeup look that is smooth and dewy - dolphin skin - without having natural skin that is smooth and dewy. Many try, but what lies beneath the inevitable layers of makeup tends to be problematic.

Why a skinimalist skincare routine works for dolphin skin

Let’s get to the base of dolphin skin - glass skin. To achieve glass skin, you may want to revert to the skinimalism beauty trend that calls for you to use fewer yet specific skincare products within your routine. The typical skinimalist skincare routine should include the following: 

  • A deep-cleansing face wash 
  • Toner (or astringent if you have oily or acne-prone skin)
  • Hydrating face moisturizer 
  • Face mask (for days or nights that you want to go a bit deeper with your skincare routine)

As a bonus, you may also use a skincare serum. The serum that you use should depend on the specific skin issue that you want to address. My skin type is normal, so I stick with a vitamin C skin brightening serum that exfoliates and evens my skin tone with each use.

3 steps to getting dolphin skin

By now, you understand that you need to follow a skincare routine whether or not you wear makeup. For the perfect beat, you need to take your skincare routine a bit further before applying makeup. A true makeup girlie does something special to prep her skin before applying makeup. For example, I must have a glass of red wine, or else my makeup won’t set properly. If you are not a red wine drinker, consider following these steps before applying makeup to help you achieve dolphin skin. 

  1. Cleanse your skin - never apply makeup to dirty skin! It is a catastrophic breakout waiting to happen. A smooth, filter-free makeup finish starts with clean and clear pores. If your pores are clogged, your foundation and concealer will sit on top of your skin instead of setting. That can result in slipping, which is what happens when your makeup starts to look like it’s melting off your face. If you don’t want to wash your face, swab toner across your skin to remove excess dirt and debris.
  2. Apply a skin brightening face mask - some days I want my makeup to have a matte finish; others, I want it to be dewy. For the latter - dolphin skin - try Masktini’s Metal Head. This 24K skin brightening mask is what dolphin skin dreams are made of! It contains vitamin C that stimulates collagen production. That is essential because collagen plumps the skin, and plumped skin is youthful-looking skin. It also has pomegranate stem cell extract, which brightens your skin tone. Again, dolphin skin is bright and glowy, so anything that can promote that is necessary. Because it contains golden mica, this skin-brightening mask leaves behind flecks of gold that give your skin a golden base! 
  3. Hydrate your skin - there are many ways to deliver hydration to your skin before applying makeup. But, we prefer to do it the Masktini way - with our Woke Bae Whenever Moisture Spritz. You can use this lightweight moisturizer from the day to night whether or not you want dolphin skin. It contains hyaluronic acid that locks in skin-smoothing hydration. Moisturized, hydrated skin is essential for dolphin skin. Marine isomers plump away fine lines and wrinkles. To achieve a smooth, dewy finish, remember that the fewer fine lines, and wrinkles, the better. What we love most about Woke Bae is that you can use it before and after applying makeup. It is a moisture spritz and dewy setting spray in one! 

So there you have it - everything that you need to know about Fall’s hottest not-so-new-but-new beauty trend, dolphin skin! If you plan to ride your Summer glow into the cooler months, hop on this trend train before another one emerges. Follow us on Instagram and tag us in your dolphin skin makeup looks. Until next time!