You worked on your summer body, but what about your summer skincare routine?

Four simple things to consider as you prepare for summer

The countdown to Summer is on! Unlike 2020, it looks like we will be outside, taking cues from Prince and partying like it's 1999. Speaking of 1999, that was the year that Cash Money Records took over - IYKYK. By now, your summer wardrobe should be ready, and your body, too. Unless you are like me, then you are riding this quarantine weight gain until it drops off. 

As you put together your summer checklist, remember the most important part - your summer skincare routine. 90% of your summer skincare routine involves a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more. We have an entire blog post  dedicated to that coming soon. Stay tuned! If you wonder what a summer skincare routine even looks like, keep reading to learn everything that you need to glow through the summer. 

The climate you are in should shape your summer skincare routine

Unless you live in a country like Brazil, where summer falls later in the year, many countries experience their hottest days between July and September. Summer. In LA, summer days are dry, peak at 120 degrees (or more), and void of clouds. While in Chicago, temperatures can go up to 110 degrees with humidity of 100%. In other words, it gets hot, sticky, and very uncomfortable! I prefer dry heat to humidity, but I do not want to argue about it.

1. Dry heat versus humidity

Many of your skin issues lie between these two areas: insufficient hydration or moisture (read: oil) or an overproduction of oil. The former is a catalyst to the latter, and the latter causes acne. Either way, neither works well for your skin. 

Hot weather increases water loss and leads to dehydration. That shows up as dry skin that is prone to redness, scaling, cracking, and ashiness! In a dry, low-humidity environment, you may not be as sweaty and greasy due to evaporation, but you run the risk of excessive dryness. That is why emollient-rich moisturizers are best for these kinds of environments. They seal moisture and lock-in hydration. 

Many argue that humidity works wonders for the skin. If you have dry or normal skin, this makes sense. Yet, people with sensitive, combination and oily skin may disagree. In humid environments, there is more water or moisture in the air. That means that going outside adds moisture, and if you are not prone to dryness, you may be able to skip out on body lotion. Do not take this as an invitation to skip face moisturizers, though.

2. Sure, you can wear makeup - but wear a mattifying primer

When it comes to wearing makeup in dry or humid conditions, remember that primer and setting sprays are your friend. In a dry city, Masktini’s Woke Bae Whenever Moisture Spritz is ideal. You can apply it after your serum(s) or moisturizer. Or you can use it as your moisturizer. Either way, it will give your makeup a dewy finish which is ideal year-round but especially great for the summer!

3. Exfoliate your skin but do not overdo it

It is tempting to over-exfoliate your skin - I get it. Over-exfoliation happens when you use a skin exfoliant more than three times a week. Skin exfoliation removes excess dead skin cells caused by free radicals. During the summer, environments tend to be harsher - BBQ or hookah smoke, salty air, etc. - so that means your skin has to work overtime to protect you. This hard work means more dead skin cells, and more dead skin cells result in a rougher, less refined skin texture. Again, this will tempt you to over-exfoliate but avoid that temptation! The good news is that sweating releases the toxins caused by free radicals. Therefore, your skin will naturally exfoliate itself while outside. So do not interfere with that process!

4. Please wear sunscreen

Although I said that we have an entire post planned for sunscreen, I want to talk about it now. Wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen is not just a summer skincare routine thing. It’s a lifestyle, hun. Sun damage is real and often irreversible. You can prevent many skin issues if you wear sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30 daily. During the summer, you may need to apply sunscreen more often as you move about or sweat. That can be impractical, especially if you wear makeup. Thankfully, there are many sunscreen spray options available. I found Pacifica’s Set & Protect SPF 45 Matte Sheer Setting Mist. The matte effect of this setting spray is ideal for a summer makeup routine as it prevents excess shine in an inevitably shiny situation waiting to happen. 

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Overall, summer is a time to be free in every way. If you want that dewy, sun-kissed skin that we all love during the hottest months of the year, it’s best to let your skin do its thing all summer ‘21. Cleanse, spot treat (if needed), hydrate, block (with sunscreen). Repeat. Less is always more - skinimalism - and if you remember this, you can enter fall with clear, smooth, and radiant skin. Until next time!