Do you want to start the New Year with an even skin tone?

What causes uneven skin tone and how to fix it

Growing up, I thought that skin tone was the color or shade of my skin. As an adult, I discarded my childish ways and learned that I was wrong. Yet, a simple Google search of the phrase “skin tone” will show results for human skin color. The Wikipedia definition of “human skin color” shows up as a rich snippet. Funny enough, this snippet defines skin tone in the same way that I did as a child. I guess we all need to mature a bit or understand that this phrase carries a different meaning in skincare. 

No matter your skin color, your tone can be even or uneven. Someone who is porcelain colored can have pink undertones. Whereas someone darker with a deep espresso complexion can have the same undertones. What does that tell you about skin tones? Well, for starters, Google needs to improve its algorithm. But that has nothing to do with skin tone, now does it? 

Of the many challenges that your skin faces, uneven skin tone may be one of them. Uneven skin tone happens because of hyper-pigmentation. It is an irregular darkening of the skin. Hyper-pigmentation is more common among people with darker complexions than lighter complexions. That happens because melanin is at the root of hyper-pigmentation. The darker your skin color, the more melanin you have, and vice versa. 

When your skin tone is uneven due to hyper-pigmentation, you will have dark spots and rough patches.

These dark spots and patches will age you about 7-10 years. That is on the conservative side. What happens, though, if your complexion is fairer, yet you still have an uneven skin tone? How can that happen? Well, there are these things called dead skin cells. They are natural-occurring phenomena that protect your skin against free radicals. As mentioned in a previous post, they are the first line of defense against pollutants and toxins. Dead skin cells fight and die in battle. That is all a part of the natural process of skin renewal every 28-35 days! 

If you are dying to know natural ways that you can even your skin tone, keep reading for:

4 tips to make your skin tone more even naturally

1. Wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day

If only people understood how damaging the sun’s UV rays are! We would not have to spend so much time reminding you to wear sunscreen. Wearing sunscreen daily to protect it from the sun is more than half of the battle won against uneven skin tone. Daring to go outside without skin protection leaves your skin vulnerable to: 

  • Sunburn: for some people, sunburn may be temporary and can turn into a beautiful tan. While for others, it not only darkens the skin but causes it to become leathery over time. Leather may look good on a furniture piece in your home, but leathery skin is a sign of severe sun damage. This type of damage can be irreversible.
  • Dehydration: yes, we all need water after spending time in the sun, but this is not the type of dehydration I refer to. When your skin becomes dehydrated because of the sun, it is dry, flaky, and cracked! To treat this, you need aloe vera, a healing ointment, and prayers. Lots of prayers!

2. Exfoliate at least 2-3 times a week

Before you run to the nearest pharmacy to stock up on extreme walnut scrubs, sit still, and keep reading. Thanks to Kylie Jenner, more people seem to understand how damaging walnut face scrubs can be! The walnut face scrub contains ground walnut shells and other abrasive ingredients. Each time you use a walnut face scrub, it causes microscopic tears in your skin. Over time, this causes dry skin and unwanted peeling. Of all skin types, dry skin can be the most uneven because of flakiness, patchiness, redness, and more. 

If a skincare product feels gritty and rough against your skin, that should tell you to avoid it. Since you want soft, smooth skin, your skincare products should feel that way, too, no? Masktini’s Twilight Zone Tahitian Detox Mask is an excellent replacement for your favorite walnut scrub. It contains a few natural skincare ingredients that buff away or exfoliate dead skin cells to reveal clear, smooth, and radiant skin! 

3. Try to get at least 7.5 hours of rest every night

We live in a culture where people glorify sleepless nights for no good reason at all. No, if you are building an empire from the ground up, that is not a good enough reason to skimp on sleep, sorry. Anyway, sleep is essential for more reasons than a more even skin tone. When you skip rest, several things happen to your skin that leads to an uneven skin tone: 

  • Paler skin: sleep-deprived skin will be pale and translucent. That is not a good thing. You want your skin to be rosy and youthful in appearance. That is the only way it will glow!
  • Increased fine lines and wrinkles: you can have even skin tone with wrinkled skin, but premature aging is never ideal.
  • Dark circles: if this is not the first sign of uneven skin tone, then I do not know what is! Some people have dark circles because of their hollow eye sockets. In a lot of instances, there are few natural ways to correct that. Most others have dark circles because they do not sleep enough. You are likely the latter. 

4. Drink more water every day

No, drinking water will not cure all your skin’s problems, but it will increase the suppleness of your skin. When your skin is supple, you tend to have a more even skin tone. Drinking water increases blood circulation, which is critical for your skin. If your blood circulation is poor, your skin will be pale, translucent, dry, and uneven. 

The biggest takeaway from this should be that you do not need to break the bank to have a more even skin tone. With better daily habits, you can have the skin that you desire in a month or three. Remember, everything with skincare takes time! Especially if you are correcting a terminal issue. 

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