It's so important to hydrate your skin

Yes, if you have dry skin, we're talking to you

As a former long-term resident of Chicago, hearing about this week's major snowstorms was traumatic. On one hand, I love winter - it is the best season for my skin. Yet, I prefer a brisk breeze on my neck at night here in Los Angeles over a mile-long trek in fallen snow! 

Once again, winter is the best season for my combination skin. Because the air is so dry and cold, there is zero chance for oil to build-up. Although my sebaceous (oil) glands work overtime to keep my skin hydrated, they are not a match for a Chicago winter. Less oil build-up means fewer acne breakouts! With fewer breakouts, I can spend less time on my 12-step Korean skincare routine. By spending less time on my skincare routine, I can save money during the average 4-6 month Chicago winter. Why? Because I don’t have to spend as much on skincare products. Dare I say that Chicago winters invented skinimalism? Necessity is the best teacher and inventor, let me tell you. The opportunities for a short, stress-free skincare routine during the winter are frequent. Unless you have dry skin. Then winter is god-awful. 

Today I want to talk about dry skin and how to moisturize it. Whether it’s the cold of a Chicago winter or the balmy heat of a Los Angeles summer, dry skin needs love all-season round. In case you are wondering whether you have dry skin, here are a few critical indicators: 

  • Extreme tightness of the skin that is almost taut 
  • Flaky or patchiness
  • Cracking, itching, redness, peeling, and proneness to skin irritation 
  • Rough, uneven skin tone 
  • The tightest pores that prevent moisture from getting in

Can you imagine how uncomfortable a blistering winter must be? Let’s not even talk about a festering summer! 

3 essential skin care tips for moisturizing dry skin

1. Seek skincare products that contain moisturizing agents

Many active skincare ingredients moisturize even the driest skin. In this article, I touched on two emollient-rich moisturizers that I love to use no matter the season. Apart from emollients, other moisture-sealing agents include: 

  • Barriers and occlusives: these are oils (think coconut oil, olive oil, and petrolatum), waxes, and silicone-based moisturizers. These types of moisturizers are best for winters as they can be messy in hotter temperatures. But, I am a proponent of a sheeny, greasy body year-round, so know that I am not taking my advice on this one. 
  • Humectants: moisturizers that are humectants tend to be water-binding. Since water is the basis of hydration, you can guess why a humectant skincare product is useful for dry skin. Examples of humectants are hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, and sorbitol. Not to mention that your body already produces them. 

2. Travel with moisturizer and use it as needed

If you didn’t do it before, we are positive that you travel with hand sanitizer. In case you didn’t know, hand sanitizer includes alcohol which is a drying agent. Unless you want dry, cracked hands, it is best to travel with a moisturizer to replenish what sanitizers strip away. Now, that is for hands, but what about your face? The same applies. People with dry skin tend to lose moisture throughout the day. If you are not wearing makeup, moisturize as needed.  Otherwise, buy Masktini's Woke Bae Whenever Moisture Spritz, then thank me later. 

3. Massage moisturizer into your skin

To people that don’t bother rubbing moisturizer into their skin: Is everything okay? As mentioned, dry skin has the tightest pores of all skin types. You have to work harder to ensure that all skincare products penetrate your epidermis or the outermost layer of your skin. Give yourself time while getting dressed to massage moisturizer into your skin. Doing this gives your dry skin a fighting chance of staying hydrated for a bit longer! 

Dry skin can be irritating but with due care, you can avoid further skin irritation when you follow these steps. With the transition of seasons coming soon, be sure to stay hydrated. Drastic weather changes can cause unexpected reactions to dry or sensitive skin, so stay proactive. In the meantime, follow us on Instagram! We would love to engage with you there and hear more about the type of content you want to see from us. Until next time.