Skincare rituals could be the best kept stress-busting secret

International Women’s Day has been and gone. A day to celebrate the incredible achievements and progress of women all over the globe. And we’re smashing it. But amidst the chaos of life, how often do we stop to prioritize and celebrate ourselves for the less-than-perfect moments? The small wins, the days we just keep going and the days we can barely make it from our bed to the couch. Especially those days. The ever-changing nature of the pandemic has shown us how stressful and unpredictable life can be, but your skincare rituals could be the little moments of heaven you need to help you face life head on. Beauty starts from within, and your skin is a mirror into your soul (we’re looking at you stress-related breakouts!). We’ve got three reasons why incorporating skincare rituals into your day can help you find moments of calm, alleviate stress and make you feel good from the inside out.

Take control of your skin and your stress

Stress - we’ve all been there. Whether it’s work, relationships or just life in general - if we’re feeling it, our skin is manifesting it. And that’s not the kind of manifestation we’re into. Your skin is like a check engine light for your body and when you’re feeling less-than-fabulous, you’re likely going to be suffering with a few skin flare ups as well. Everyone is different and taking the time to really understand your skin type and what it needs can help you keep flare ups under control and gain a much-needed sense of control to calm your mind as well as your skin. If you find that stress can leave your skin in need of a good detox, take a moment to press the reset button on your complexion with our Gone Girl Tahitian Detox Mask and unveil smoother, calmer and clearer skin. Formulated with purifying bamboo charcoal powder and exfoliating black pearl, all wrapped in a luxurious triple citrus scent, this warming mask will calm both your skin and your mind.

Nail that morning routine and start your day off right

Morning routines aren’t just the subject of aesthetic Tik Toks - and let’s be real - we aren’t all getting up at 5am and blitzing through a day’s worth of tasks before the sun rises. But looking beyond the Pilates classes and avocado toast (nothing wrong with that!), morning routines create a sense of stability in our otherwise chaotic lives, fostering healthy psychological wellbeing and help to alleviate anxiety. Incorporate some skincare rituals into your morning routine to give yourself something to look forward to when you wake up and ensure you start your day off with a little moment of self care. Treating yourself to some well-deserved me-time as part of your morning routine helps act as an anchor in your day and provides a constant in an ever-changing world - so take comfort in the knowledge that you’re pampering both your skin and your mental health.

Create your moments of mindfulness and calm

Skincare rituals aren’t just for your morning and evening routines, they can also help provide grounding moments in a stressful day. Encouraging yourself to remain present and spend a few moments pampering yourself can help you return from a spiral of worry by getting you out of your head and back to the present moment by focusing on the act of self care. Take a moment for yourself and treat your skin to a hit of hydration throughout the day with our Woke Bae Whenever Moisture Spritz. This lightweight mist helps to deliver instant hydration as well as improving the overall skin function over time, helping you to rock the rosy #iwokeuplikethis glow.

Life is stressful - there’s no doubt about that. Taking the time to incorporate skincare rituals throughout your day can help you to remain present, provide stability through routine and make you feel your best inside and out. Until next time!