The weather is weird. Time to adjust your fall skincare routine.

Take your skin from day to night with these easy fall skincare routines

Welcome to LA, where fall looks something like this: 

  • 6 AM - it’s winter
  • 10 AM - it’s spring
  • 2 PM - it’s the worst of summer
  • Then 6 PM - it’s fall 

To say that Fall in LA is anything but that would be an understatement! 

For even the most perfect skin, this kind of weather puts your skin through the motions and throws a monkey wrench into your fall skincare routine. I have combination skin, and I seldom break out or experience other skin issues. Yet, in the past couple of weeks, my skin was dry and flaky. My lips are still chapped - lip balm has not worked yet. And, I experienced an overproduction of oil which led to a mild acne outbreak. You would think that I am living through a Chicago winter! It happens to the best of us. 

I made a few adjustments to my fall skincare routine, and already, I am here to share them with you! So, keep reading to learn the simple fall morning and nighttime skincare routines that worked for me. But, before we start:

You still need to wear sunscreen as part of your fall skincare routine

During this season, you may spend more time inside than you do outdoors. This time away from direct sunlight is good news for skin that experienced sun overexposure during your hot girl summer. Though being inside may make you feel like you should not wear it, please continue to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30. At the very least, this will keep your sunscreen application muscles toned for warmer months that are further ahead. 

Now, here are:

4 easy steps to follow as part of your fall morning skincare routine

1. Cleanse your skin with water only or a gentle face cleanser

The drier air of fall wicks away natural oils produced by your skin as you go about your day. As a result, your skin may feel drier, patchier, and tighter. That is why I recommend skipping face cleansers altogether when you start each new day. Unless you fell asleep with your makeup on or did not prep your skin before bed, there is no reason to strip your skin again when you wake up. 

  • Splash lukewarm water across your face to open your pores. This helps to retain moisture from any nighttime skincare products that you used.
  • Massage your face as if you have a face cleanser on it.
  • Then, splash cold water across your face to close your pores. That will strip your skin of any excess oils that you may have produced while asleep. 
  • Pat dry your face with a damp washcloth. 

2. Use a toner or astringent to remove excess debris and oil from your face

Because you may skip a face cleanser in the first step, now is the time to allow your toner or astringent to act as a cleanser. Apply the product to a cotton ball or pad, then swipe across your face gently. Though it may be tempting, don’t rub your skin raw!

3. Apply a moisturizing face serum or booster

If you have not invested in one already, now is the time to consider adding a hyaluronic acid face serum to your morning skincare routine. Because the air is drier now, you will need that extra boost to lock in moisture and retain hydration. If you are using multiple serums, apply them in order of consistency. Apply the serums with lighter formulas before you apply serums with thicker formulas. Remember to let each layer dry for at least 20-30 seconds before applying another one! 

An alternative to face serums is Masktini’s Woke Bae Whenever Moisture Spritz. This hydrating moisture mist contains organic ingredients such as apple and watermelon extract, hyaluronic acid, and marine isomers. Together, they boost the moisture content of your skin, promote cell turnover, lock in hydration, and plump away fine lines and wrinkles.

4. Seal-in moisture with a humectant moisturizer

The intuitive thing to do is use an oil-based, emollient-rich moisturizer as part of your fall morning skincare routine. Yet, as I discovered over the past couple of weeks, that does not make a difference! Instead of focusing on the oil content of your moisturizer, focus on your moisturizer’s ability to retain moisture. Emollient-rich moisturizers sit on top of your skin and lock in whatever hydration is beneath that. They do not penetrate your skin. Therefore, it is best to use these alongside humectant moisturizers that go deep into your skin. As always, the gentler your moisturizer, the better.

3 easy steps to follow as part of your fall nighttime skincare routine

Because most of us are either back in the office or otherwise staying indoors, it is safe to assume that not many of us are wearing makeup every day. That makes your fall nighttime skincare routine a lot easier than you may expect! Before going to bed, follow these three simple steps.

1. Cleanse your skin with a gentle face cleanser

Though I recommended that you skip your face cleanser altogether during your morning skincare routine, I don’t advise that at night. During the day, your skin works overtime to fight free radicals that destroy skin cells and damage your skin over time. You don’t want to go to bed with microscopic dead skin cells hanging out on your skin. That is why it’s essential to cleanse your skin as part of your fall nighttime skincare routine.

2. Use a toner or astringent to remove excess debris and dirt from your skin

It is best to use face toners and astringents 1-2 times daily. With the latter, you should only use it once a day, 2-3 times a week because astringents strip your skin of its natural oils. If this applies to you, swap your astringent with a gentle face toner that contains witch hazel, aloe, or other natural ingredients.

3. Apply a night cream or humectant moisturizer

Unless you are treating a specific skin issue with a skin treatment, you can skip straight to your night cream or humectant moisturizer. The ideal night cream contains skincare ingredients that treat your skin issues while hydrating it overnight. Some key ingredients to look for in a night cream include hyaluronic acid, peptides, and retinol. If you can’t find a night cream that does the trick, an excellent solution is Masktini’s Night Ranger Overnight Renewal Mask. Best used 1-3 times per week, this “sleep therapy” mask contains lime pearl acids, papaya enzymes, hyaluronic acid, retinol, and other natural skincare ingredients that rejuvenate and hydrate your skin. 

When it comes to your nighttime skincare routine, you need a final step that will ensure your skin cells have the support or boost they need to shed, reduce inflammation, and smooth out uneven, roughened textures. Masktini’s Night Ranger assures that! 

So, there you have it - easy fall morning and nighttime skincare routines that won’t break the bank during these inflationary economic times. Did we miss any steps? We’d love to learn more about what you do as part of your fall morning and nighttime skincare routines! Leave a comment below!