Are your post-Valentine's Day makeup looks in the red?

Wearing red after Valentine's Day is not dangerous

With the excitement of Valentine’s Day now past, you may be wondering when next you will dress to the nines. Considering we are still crawling our way out of the global pandemic, there is no telling when that will be! For those of you who made a vow that you would wear all your clothes no matter what in 2021, I stand in solidarity with you. As it turns out, life is too short is not something that you see quoted on social media. Or a typical one-liner used as a quasi-warning in conversation with loved ones. It is short for everyone, young and old, and COVID-19 proved that! With that in mind, if you are not a part of the “wear all my clothes” brigade, why not join us and serve looks all 2021?  

People prefer to dress in certain ways during holidays. Leading up to Valentine’s Day, pink, red, white, and nude are favorite colors. Women wear these colors on their nails and lips and with their outfits. During Spring, women lean more towards pastel colors. Some of the favorite pastels are pale yellow, baby pink and blue, mint green, and lavender. If you are still feeling the love of Valentine’s Day and want to know if you can still rock red, you are in the right place. I am neither a follower of beauty trends nor a respecter of made-up fashion rules. That is why you should keep reading to learn: 

5 essential tips for a post-Valentine Day inspired makeup look

1. Don’t be afraid to rock red lipstick all-year-round

When I first began wearing makeup, red lipstick seemed so out of reach for me. Then, my junior year of college came, and I thought it was a great idea to wear my red Milani lip liner as a lip color. That night, I discovered that lip liners are excellent lipsticks, and I fell in love with matte lips! The saying if it’s not broken, don’t fix it became my mantra for that particular red lip liner. I wore it with every outfit for at least two years after that. In other words, I reinvented the now trending again 90s lip!

2. Like red lipstick, red nails are also all-season

Why does the color red get such a bad rap? For most people, red spells danger. And funny enough, a woman who wears red is hardly ever seen as a lady in red. People view her like a seductress whom one should not dare to approach! If a woman wears red to the office, then the political pundits on *insert national news outlet* will call it her power color in the most passive-aggressive way. If you consider these things and care enough about what others think, red is a bad idea. Like my matte red lip liner, there was a time in my life where I only wore red nail polish on my hands and feet. On days that I felt like switching things up, I went with a darker shade of red, oxblood. Yes, I gave you Fall and Winter in the middle of Spring without shame. Take a page from my book and don't let the haters bring you down. Wear the red!

3. Try skinimalism as part of your skincare routine

Great makeup looks start with even better skin. As mentioned in a previous post, skinimalism is one of the biggest beauty trends of 2021. Skinimalism takes a minimalist approach to skincare. It encourages you to invest in skincare products that treat the specific skin issue(s) you have. If you have not hopped on this trend yet, try it! Not only will your skin thank you for it, but your pockets will too. You will make fewer trips to Sephora and Ulta to refill skincare products that hardly work. If you don't know which skincare products to try, Masktini’s gentle skincare brand is the perfect place to start. Their products are ideal for any skin type, and the entire line includes only four products for now. That's skinimalism.

4. Refrigerate your skincare products

I have a confession to make. Back in December, I began to refrigerate my serums for the first time. Before that, I kept my skin serums in the bathroom along with my other skincare products. Then, I got a bright idea one night to store my serums in the fridge. Although I don’t recall what prompted me to do that, it may have something to do with a post or story that I saw on Instagram. That is how it happens, right? 

Anyway, the results of refrigerated skincare products are astonishing! The chill of the products soothes your face and tightens the skin after a blistering hot shower. On days that I wear makeup, my concealer and foundation set better when I apply them atop my chilled skin serums. My face is now more supple, dewy, and bright because of this simple skincare hack.

5. Increase the length and volume of your lashes

Full, long eyelashes are not my ministry. Putting on lashes as part of my makeup look is also not my ministry. I made peace with them both, thank you. Although I made peace with these things, I cannot deny that full lashes make your eyes and makeup pop! One of the biggest makeup trends in 2021 is sky-high lashes. The longer and taller your lashes appear, the better. Like red lips and nails, long lashes add a flirty, almost seductive feel to a woman’s look. They draw you in and make you look past imperfections that may exist. That is the beauty of lashes, which is why so many women can’t go without them, even with a natural, bare face. 

If you cannot apply lashes on your own, you may want to consider getting a lash lift. I know I will. This procedure uses a protein to stretch your lashes and keep them in place for at least a few weeks. Head over to Yelp to find a technician in your area. 

So there you have it, five simple ways that you can feel like it’s Valentine’s Day long after the lover’s holiday. If you have any other ideas of how you plan to pamper yourself with love all-year-round, leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you. In the meantime, follow us on Instagram. Until next time!