What every best girlfriend needs

Thoughtful gift ideas for the girl who loves skincare

Today is February 4, 2021. By my account, we are now four days into 2021. And by everyone else's, we are 10 days away from the most inventive Hallmark holiday ever, Valentine Day! There is something so special about how people approach this holiday. For Christmas, there is a subset of people who start counting down three months before it gets here. Thanksgiving is a day that you need to brace yourself for because, depending on your family, it may be weird. Apart from the love, a tradition that spun off from Valentine's Day is Galentine’s Day. It's a day when you and your best girlfriends dress to the nines, then head to a swanky dinner to celebrate. How special is that? 

On Galentine's Day, we know a few things to be true. First, the chance of you wearing the same color as your best friend is high. Most women tend to wear red, pink, white, or black during this time of year. Although, with the persistent interest in chocolate brown, you may see more women wearing brown! Second, you will take an unprecedented amount of selfies and ussies because did you have a happy Galentine's Day if you did not document it? Finally, you will exchange gifts that profess your true love and devotion to your friendships because that’s what friends are for! 

If you read that final point and thought, “I do not exchange gifts with my girlfriends on Galentine’s Day,” then you are in the right place. When it comes to love languages, gifts are the least important for me. So, not only do I not exchange gifts with my friends (or relatives), but I do not do that on Galentine’s Day. That makes me a terrible friend for someone who needs a gift to feel loved. If you can relate, keep reading to learn:

4 Galentine’s Day gift ideas for your best girlfriends

1. Masktini gentle skincare product haul

You know why we are here. Nothing says I love you like treating your best girlfriend to a skincare product haul. If you are a skincare enthusiast, you know that the cost of quality skincare products can add up! Being friends with someone who wants to release you of that burden through the gift of skincare products is a blessing. Buy all four products in Masktini’s gentle skincare line and watch how your friendship grows! 

2. Korean skincare face masks

Deciding which Korean face mask is best can be a challenge. There are so many options, and if we are honest, the copy on the packaging is in Korean most times. Non-Korean speakers like me have to assume that the face masks will work because they are Korean. Soko Glam is a Korean skincare online marketplace that carries some of the top Kbeauty brands. They have an entire product category dedicated to face masks because they are an integral part of the 12-step Korean skincare routine. Visit their site and go to town. Your best friend will appreciate the precision!

3. A facial at her favorite skincare spa

This one can be a bit tricky because skincare is such a personal thing. Yet, is she your best friend if you have not discussed the depths of her skincare upkeep? When a man treats a woman to a day at the spa, it is the best thing ever. Doing it for your best friend will also be the best thing ever. Find out where she loves to go if you do not know already, then leave credit at the reception desk for her. Your best friend will love you for it! 

4. Help your best friend to get on the skinimalist trend

In case you have not heard, skinimalism is all the rage in skincare this year. If you are wondering what that is, it sounds like what it means. Do more with fewer skincare products! Avoid a vanity filled with skincare products that you do not use. With skinimalism, you narrow down your skincare routine to 2-3 products. These skincare products should target your skin issues at any given time. How does this look in gift form? Ask your best friend about her top skin issues, and buy 2-3 products that can help her to address that. Her reaction to this thoughtfulness may surprise you! 

The good news is that you still have time to put some thought into your bestie’s Galentine's Day gift. What’s more, is you will not have to leave your house to secure these gift picks if you choose them! If you love someone, pouring into the thing(s) they care about most is always a great gift idea. As someone who loves skincare, any time someone gifts me anything that can keep my skin in order, I am over the moon! It can be a sheet face mask or a trip to the spa for a maintenance facial. I love it either way. The skincare enthusiast in your life is like me. So do not forget her this holiday. Until next time!