The ugly truth about your form of beauty

Spoiler alert: you are beautiful in every single way

For most of us, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. While for many others, beauty is all a matter of how *insert your choice Kardashian/Jenner* looks that day. The evolution of beauty is a source of excitement for those who can’t get enough of it. Yet, so many people feel left out. We spend a lot of time giving unsolicited advice on skincare and beauty. Wear sunscreen, retinol is the holy grail of skincare, skinimalism is the way to go - blah, blah, blah! It can all be overwhelming, can’t it?! That’s why as we prepare for the fall season, we want to take this time to share: 

10 things you need to know about beauty

1. Beauty is still in the eye of the beholder, even if Instagram says otherwise.

Some people prefer sharp, Eurocentric features, while others prefer darker, more exotic features. That boils down to environment and preference. If you spend time around people who don’t care for your form of beauty, you are bound to disregard or even disdain. So, go where they welcome and appreciate your beauty no matter what.

2. There is no such thing as perfect skin.

Yes, Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé have glass skin. And yes, I wish I had their skin. Yet, I am level-headed enough to understand that it is futile to lust after something I cannot afford. They are both multi-millionaires and have access to cosmetic procedures that most of us may never access.

3. Perfect skin is often a matter of genetics.

Some people are born with a genetic makeup that allows them to do the least to maintain their mugs. Though it feels unfair, it is a matter of science. Don’t covet or try to mimic what is beyond your control.

4. Normal skin does not always mean perfect skin.

Do not confuse a normal skin type with perfection. This skin type may mean that you have fewer breakouts and tighter pores. But other things make your skin look perfect. For example, someone with a normal skin type may still look dull or lackluster. That has less to do with their skin type and more to do with their diet or lifestyle.

5. Adequate sleep every night does for your skin what genetics cannot.

Sleep is your skin’s best friend. The average adult should aim for at least seven hours of sleep each night. If you can help it, avoid sleeping with your phone or any electronic with a blue light. This light can disrupt your sleep which leads to the visible signs of unrest that contaminates your beauty:

  • Crows feet
  • Dry skin
  • Puffy, swollen eyes
  • Red eyes
  • Under-eye dark circles

6. Your nighttime skincare routine is as important as sleep!

When you sleep, your body works overtime to rejuvenate itself. Dead skin cells fall off, and new skin cells emerge. Your blood flows more freely and steadily through your body, which gives that youthful morning glow. All of the skincare products you used before sleeping have ample time to penetrate your skin and do what they said they would do. The possibilities are endless when you have a nighttime skincare routine that targets the specific skin issues that you have!

7. Do your research.

Before investing in any skincare product, research the ingredients and their utility for your skin’s specific needs. Try to avoid using products because of their popularity or branding. Instead, focus on how you can get the most out of your investment while giving your skin everything that it needs. That is the skinimalist way.

8. Overnight results hardly exist.

A lot of skincare brands sell overnight results. While some skincare products live up to what’s advertised, how your skin reacts to any skincare product can be a lot more nuanced than tempting advertisements. Remember that all good things, including beauty, take time. If you have more stubborn skin issues such as acne, enlarged pores, or roughened skin texture, you can expect to spend time trying different skincare products and treatments before you find what works. 

9. Consistency is still key.

That time you spend trying out different skincare products and treatments is called a routine. Your skin loves a good day-to-night routine. Once you find one that works for you, stick to it for at least 2-4 months. I suggest this period because of your skin cells. After a while, they learn or adapt to the skincare products that you use. They build up a resistance to those products. That is why if you start out using a harsh anti-aging skincare product such as retinol, you may find that this skincare treatment may not be as potent over time. Then, you may resort to medium-to-deep chemical peels that are harsher and will damage your skin over time.

10. Gentle skincare is the best skincare.

When in doubt, stick to a gentle skincare brand such as Masktini. We use naturally derived skincare ingredients that work for all skin types. Our skincare products are for people who want to maintain their skin with the most tender loving care. If skinimalism is your thing, then Masktini is your way. 

Remember, beauty is in everything. It takes vision to recognize and practice to exude. Focus more on being your form of beauty and less on consumerism. By doing this, you will stress less and sleep a lot better at night. Two things that are best for your skin, anyway. Until next time!