Drop your net for this rare luxe skincare ingredient from under the sea

A vacation to Tahiti or Tahitian black pearl skincare? You decide.

As a little girl, I felt so dainty when I wore my pearls. My freshwater pearl earrings and matching necklace were never too far from my Sunday's best. In my adult years, I lost my appreciation for freshwater pearls until recently. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I am off the calendar, or I prefer a more polished look - pun intended. To me, it takes a special kind of woman to appreciate this phenomenon of nature, and I have the feeling that woman is you! 

Today, I want to talk about a pearl that was once the “rarest, most valuable cultured pearl in the world”. It is the Tahitian black pearl. According to Pearl Paradise, this exotic pearl comes from the Black-lip pearl oyster. Don't let "black" in its name fool you, though. Tahitian black pearls come in a range of other colors. They include creamy white, grey, greens, iridescent peacock, and deep black. Unlike dyed or irradiated black freshwater and Akoya pearls, these colors are natural.

the tahitian black lip oyster produces tahitian black pearls

From a fashion jewelry staple to skincare luxury

If you have a few hundred or thousands of dollars to spend, the Tahitian black pearl can be a statement of luxury. Wearing this pearl for fashion is one thing, though. Yet, wearing it for beauty is another. If we can use golden mica for skincare, Tahitian black pearls should be no exception. That brings me to everything that you need to know about Tahitian black pearl skincare. 

Surprise, this is one of the skincare ingredients of our Twilight Zone Tahitian Detox Mask! What? Did you think that we named it that to be cute? Well, yes, but also, it helps to know what you are getting yourself into with skincare, always. Don’t you think? It is not uncommon to find Tahitian black pearls in face masks, and there is a good reason for that.

Why Tahitian black pearl is good for your skin

We know the Tahitian black pearl to be rare and luxurious. Yet, it is so much more than that. This pearl purifies and heals the skin! Those properties alone make it a powerful natural skincare ingredient. Have you ever wondered why [breastfed] babies always have such a glow about their skin? That’s because milk is rich in the nutrient calcium. Do you know what else is rich in calcium? You guessed it - the Tahitian black pearl! Calcium regulates sebum (oil) production, hydrates the skin, and keeps it eczema-free. Another benefit of calcium is that it sloughs dead skin cells and regenerates new ones. If none of this makes you want to try Masktini’s Twilight Zone Tahitian Detox Mask, what will? 

Perhaps the fact that Tahitian black pearl inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase? By inhibiting this enzyme, black pearl powder slows the development of melanin. That promotes natural skin brightening, of course. If you struggle with dark spots and other superficial blemishes, Twilight Zone will be the perfect addition to your nighttime skincare routine. 

Oh, the luxury of skincare. We splurge on the expensive stuff every so often, but boy do we love a steal! A rare, luxurious skincare ingredient at an affordable price point is a steal. Are we alone in this feeling?! If you tried other skincare products that contain Tahitian black pearls, we’d love to hear about them. Otherwise, if you need to try a Tahitian black pearl skincare product for the first time, add ours to your shopping cart. Hurry before you start feeling guilty about all those things you ordered on Amazon today for no damn reason. Until next time!